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Libor Witassek

Motivational speaker, senior industry expert

The world is permanently changing, but changing in a logical way. Despite of apparent chaos, there is a way to predict a lot. It’s necessary to learn how to look and see what’s going on around us, quickly adopt and act accordingly.

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My Interests

Cybernetics of cybernetics – cybernetics of second order

Corporate Transformations

Advanced technologies, but first of all the change of management behavior, are the only way to change the current routine and processes, which do not reach the level of global champions league anymore. The growth of productivity by 30% is not only possible, but necessary. It’s necessary to understand what is possible to change and then initiate perturbations for change.

Digital Economy

Everything what can be digital, it will be digital. Accelerating entry of new technologies including artificial intelligence will change the community and global economy. I welcome these changes and I support global corporations in the implementation of 5 level model of automation.


I can see the regions and cities of the future as fully self-sustainable and autonomous. We can produce everything by ourselves, thanks to new technologies. The era of globalisation comes to an end, the new autonomous local economy is coming. It’s missing courage, which slows dynamic development of new technologies in our cities and regions.

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Short business views based on personal experiences

Management secrets in a turbulent era

  • 4. July 2018

Based on more than 25 years of experience in management of industrial corporations, from the global industry expert Libor Witassek. Do not expect any long academic text, it's a brief collection of author's observations from the real management practice.

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About Me

cybernetician, entrepreneur, manager, motivational speaker

Libor Witassek specializes in second-order cybernetics, focusing on managing an enterprise as a living organism. He advised the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania about programs on doing business in Central Europe. He also served as managing partners chairman at Allied Consultants Europe e.V. Libor is an expert at building corporate management systems, using the Lean Six Sigma method to help firms like Siemens, Foxconn, Johnson & Controls, and GCE. He has written several works on Lean Leadership, which is a topic of his lectures at the University of Economics, Prague. Libor worked as a Chairman of the Board Of Directors and Director of VÍTKOVICE MACHINERY GROUP, one of the largest Czech restructuring projects. Recently, Libor is an independent entrepreneur in IMPACTIVE®.

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